motivation readings include a written interpretation of your celestial motivation. we answer the questions: what is your natural motivation? how do you change your behavior using your natural, celestial motivation?

for people who

-want to work toward a specific goal

-have trouble staying motivated

-want to let go of old habits and embrace new habits

-feel like they aren't living up to their full potential



birth chart readings include a written interpretation of your natal chart along with a 30-minute phone session.

for people who want to

-make important life decisions

-understand themselves better

-build better relationships with others

-advance their career

-discover their unique gifts

-celebrate their lives!



forecast readings include a written interpretation of your year to come along with a 30-minute phone session.

for people who want to

-maximize their potential

-make important life decisions

-understand how to use their time

-plan for the future

-plan an event



karmic destiny readings include a written interpretation of your karmic destiny. We answer the question: where does the universe want you to put your energy?

for people who want to

-find the right path

-redirect their career

-understand their greater purpose

-heal their emotional wounds

-learn how to best help others

Octavia's Favorite



pluto transformation readings include a written interpretation of how pluto is affecting your life.

for people who

-feel stuck in a particular area of their lives

-want to improve their lives, but don't know how

-feel like they are on the wrong path

for more information about pluto, check out episodes 5 and 6 of OCCASIONAL ASTROLOGY on IGTV 



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 My Approach
i believe astrology is a tool to be used in times of change. my relationship to astrology is personal and I use my experience to inform my readings. 
i believe in fostering a healthy relationship to the stars. the OCCASIONAL ASTROLOGY approach illuminates certain paths on your journey while encouraging you to define your own destiny.
i am an astrologer, writer, actor, and storyteller. i first came to astrology in a time of crisis. i sought comfort in a force greater than myself, but what I found was my own power. over time, i learned that the universe teaches us different lessons exactly when we need to learn them, but it's up to us to define what we want from life. i'm still on my journey, and, occasionally, the universe will let me know i'm on track.
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